How do I enable auto upgrade of Softaculous scripts?

Login to your cPanel account and head over to Softaculous

1. When doing a install, under Advanced Options select Auto Upgrade

2. If you have already installed the software, select All Installations in the header of Softaculous. Click the Edit Details button next to the install you want to modify. Check off Auto Upgrade and save those settings.

3. If you did not use the auto-installer, but would like it to keep your script up-to-date this is possible too. In Softaculous navigate over to the script you have installed manually. Select Import in the header Install bar. Simply enter the directory your script is installed on. To import software installed at http://mydomain/dir/ just type dir. To import software installed only in http://mydomain/ leave this empty.

To just run a single upgrade, head over to All Installations in the header of Softaculous. Select the update button next to the install you would like to update.

  • Do not use the default admin username
  • Pick a strong password. Include upper/lower characters, symbols and numbers
  • Keep addons such as plugins and templates up-to-date
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