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Can I edit MX, CNAME, A records of my domain? You can change the MX records for your domain by navigating to cPanel -> MX Entry tool. If... Can I have custom error pages? Yes, you can set up your own custom error pages by using the .htaccess file (it is located in... How can I check how much bandwidth or disk space I am using? If you need to check your disk space / bandwidth consumption, you can do it by checking the left... How do I CHMOD (change permissions) of some files? The easiest way to chmod files (change permissions) is using the FTP client. Log on to your FTP... How do I create URL redirects? When logged into cPanel, the Redirects tool in will allow you to redirect your website's... How do I create a MYSQL database? You create individual MySQL accounts from your cPanel control panel. All of these will be... How do I create an addon domain in cPanel? Once logged into your cPanel account, addon domains are located under the "Domains" section.... How do I enable CloudFlare? Enabling CloudFlare for your domain is simple and easy, and can be done in just a few short... How do I install guestbooks, forums, and blogs? We have a huge collection of scripts that are already pre-installed on your hosting account. Some... How do I modify my website? You may edit your website through your online control panel. This is located at... How do I reset my cPanel password? You are able to easily reset your cPanel password via our billing and support control panel.Below... How do I transfer a website from my current provider to your hosting? If your website is not using MySQL databases, moving your site is very easy. Simply upload all... I don't know what FTP is. Do you offer an online File Manager? If you do not wish to use an external FTP tool to upload the files, please try to use the cPanel... What is CloudFlare? CloudFlare is a third party service that we offer to our hosting customers. CloudFlare provides... What version of PHP am I using? You will find your current running version of PHP under the expandable "Stats" column on the...
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